60 Days Since Tunzaa’s launch, How Are We Performing?

Jinsi Mafunzo Kwenye Maisha Yangu ya Zamani Ya Shule ya Msingi Mchikichini na ya Upili ya Ifunda Yanavyoakisi Tunzaa

Understanding Tunzaa’s Journey From Our Point of View

As narrated by Imani Nsamila

Mbwana Samatta — Photo by Imani Nsamila

Recap: First Day of Developers Outreach Program at Ellipsis Digital

Speaking at the University of Dar es salaam (CoICT) during the launch of the Developers Outreach Initiative — Photo by Ellipsis Digital

The story of a rap artist from Bongo with a skill to tell tales

Ng'winula Kingamkono

a mellow fellow. tech-ish. arts. writer-ish. Works @ellipsisdig

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